Schudio Advancing Your School Website Course

Build a school website that truly delights your audience and goes far beyond the minimum.

  • Rich content

    This course is an advanced version of Schudio's Essential Training that aims to enrich your school website in order to delight parents and your school's wider audience.

  • Easy to follow

    Video tutorials help to guide you through the course, giving you chance to follow in real time and improve your school website as you go along.

  • Best practice

    The course not only helps your school website to be compliant but also helps you implement best practice to ensure your school website is clear, easy to use and engages your audience.

Course curriculum

Become an advanced used of the Schudio School Website Software and create dynamic, highly engaging content.

  • 1

    Welcome to the Advancing your School Website Training Course

    • Welcome
  • 2

    Advanced Content Box

    • Getting Started - Advanced Content Box
    • VIDEO: Tweetable Text and Accessibility Checker
    • Tables - Handout
    • VIDEO: Creating and Styling Tables
    • Assignment Activity: Advanced Content Box Features
  • 3

    Advanced Calendar Features

    • Getting Started: Importing a Calendar
    • VIDEO: Importing a Calendar onto your Schudio Site
    • Assignment Activity - Advanced Calendar Features
  • 4

    Advanced Menus

    • Getting Started: Advanced Menus
    • Creating and Editing Box Menus
    • Assignment Activity - Advanced Menus
  • 5

    Advanced Content

    • Getting Started: Advanced Content
    • VIDEO: Tagging Your Content
    • VIDEO: SEO Basic Overview
    • VIDEO: Privacy Notice
    • VIDEO: QR Codes
    • Assignment Activity: Advanced Site Maintenance
  • 6

    Advanced Embed Codes

    • Getting Started: Advanced Embed Codes
    • VIDEO: Tab Groups
    • Assignment Activity: Advanced Embed Codes
  • 7

    Advanced Modules

    • Getting Started: Advanced Modules
    • VIDEO: Courses
    • VIDEO: Activities
    • Assignment Activity: Advanced Modules
  • 8

    Completing Your Course - Assignment

    • Advancing your School Website Training Assignment
  • 9

    Wrapping Up

    • Congratulations on Completing the Advancing your School Website Training Course

A Summary of what you get ...

This course has been designed for school website managers keen to go beyond the fundamentals and become a power user.

  • Lifetime updates when new features are added so that your skills are always current

  • Direct access to your tutors for support as and when you need it

  • White glove training support and an opportunity to feed ideas to our development team

Your Course Instructors

Learn from a team that has built hundreds of school websites and is available to provide 1-2-1 support to learners.

China Brennan


China Brennan

China has facilitated training for hundreds of Schudio School Website Software users and is a highly experienced trainer. A methodical and patient trainer, China walks students through this training course in a clear and easy to follow way.
Ian Richardson

Senior Instructor

Ian Richardson

Ian brings the experience of launching hundreds of school websites and a deep understanding of the education sector to deliver inspirational and passionate training to his students.