Autism & Anxiety

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Understand the stresses autistic children experience and discover how to support them during times of anxiety.
Autism & Anxiety

What you'll learn on this course

Autistic children experience anxiety and stress in different ways. This course will help you care for and support autistic children during times of difficulty.

  • 1


    • Introduction to Autism & Anxiety

    • Learning Objectives

  • 2

    What anxiety might look like in our autistic children

    • The Science of Anxiety

    • The window of tolerance

    • The Spoon theory

    • How do we know a child is anxious?

    • What is a meltdown or shutdown like for the child?

    • Autistic children and joy [Dean Beadle]

  • 3

    The common stresses that autistic children have to face on a daily basis

    • Environmental Stress

    • Communication stress

    • Sensory stress

    • Emotional Stress

    • Social Stress

    • Cognitive Stress

  • 4

    Strategies and Supports to help autistic children

    • The Adult’s Response

    • Teaching the Science of anxiety

    • Teaching Emotional Literacy

    • Learning to Reflect & Recover Together

    • Physical & Mental Wellbeing

    • What to do in a mental health crisis

  • 5

    Resources to support autistic children's mental wellbeing

    • Downloadable Resources to use alongside this course

    • Mental Health & Wellbeing for Autistic Children Websites

    • Downloadable Copy of Links & Resources

    • Mental Health and Wellbeing for Autistic children - recommended books

    • Reflection & Planning

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Your Instructor


Lynn McCann

Lynn McCann and her Team at Reachout ASC are a centre of excellence in supporting autistic children and young people in the education system. They are currently working closely with parents and schools to support their autistic pupils through the lockdown. Lynn is the author of three books for teachers, and delivers training and speaking engagements around the country. The team specialises in supporting educational accessibility, mental wellbeing and personal development with their autistic students.