The Schudio Email Software Course

This short, free course offers an introduction to the Schudio Email Software and advice on how to develop a winning email newsletter and marketing strategy in your school.

Note: this course is based around this specific software and is a great intro to how to use the software but also useful if you're exploring the software as an option for your school.
Schudio Email Software

What you'll learn on this course

Madison talks us through how the software works and the impact it can have on your wider parental engagement strategy.

  • 1


    • What you'll learn

  • 2

    Dashboard overview

    • Your dashboard

  • 3

    Importing, maintaining and building lists

    • Building an email list from scratch

    • Importing contacts from a CSV file

    • Segmenting your lists

  • 4

    Creating Emails

    • How to create an email

  • 5

    Sending Campaigns

    • Sending your email

  • 6


    • Analysing your emails

  • 7

    Increase your audience engagement

    • How to increase your engagement

    • Top tips for Email Marketing

  • 8

    Engagement Flywheel

    • What is the Engagement Flywheel

    • Using Email to improve Parental Engagement

  • 9


    • Further Reading

    • Congratulations

    • What's next?

How long will this course take to complete? This short course takes less than 60 minutes to complete.

Your Instructor


Madison Brooks

Madison is a Marketing Executive at Schudio and has helped hundreds of schools improve parental engagement. She is experienced in content marketing, use of email to drive engagement and powering effective social media strategies. Madison brings a wealth of experience and offers deep insight into how schools can reach further through a wider range of channels, all working together.