Engage your Child in Home Learning

Motivation made easier

For parents and carers of children who have special educational needs. This mini course includes: explanations of the psychology behind motivation; ways to overcome your child’s emotional barriers; and 10 top tips for how to engage your child in home learning!

How will this course help you?

By the end of this course you will ...
Understand the psychology behind motivation, explore ways to help your child set meaningful goals, discover strategies to support your child overcome emotional barriers and take away 10 top tips for how to engage your child in learning at home.

  • 1


    • Welcome and course introduction

    • Aims: What you'll learn from this SEN Bitesize course

    • Different Types of SEN

  • 2

    The Psychology of Motivation

    • Why is motivation important?

    • What makes children want to learn?

    • Helping your child head in a meaningful direction

  • 3

    Overcoming Emotional Barriers

    • How do emotions affect children's learning?

    • Replacing negative bricks with positive steps

    • More positive steps

    • Managing Meltdowns

  • 4

    10 Top Tips for engaging your child, with practical strategies you can start straight away

    • Top Tip 1: Emotivators™

    • Top Tip 2: Explore Together

    • Top Tip 3: Play and Create

    • Top Tip 4: Spotting Success

    • Top Tip 5: Learn Anywhere

    • Top Tip 6: A WOW Start

    • Top Tip 7: Model First

    • Top Tip 8: Practise the Art of Calm

    • Top Tip 9: Little and Often

    • Top Tip 10: Visualise

  • 5

    Thank you

    • Resources for positive thinking and emotional calm

    • Your next step ...

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    Join Hannah as she explains how to motivate and engage your child in learning at home

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How long will this course take to complete? This course will take 1-2 hours to complete including additional reading and resources.

Your Instructor

Educational Psychologist

Hannah Morris

Hannah specialises in the psychology of teaching, learning and child development. An independent Educational Psychologist, Hannah has 13 years experience of assessing children's strengths and difficulties, as well as advising families and schools for how to help with learning, behaviour and development.

Since qualifying as an Educational Psychologist, with distinction, at the Institute of Education, she has gained extensive professional and voluntary experience in areas such as psychology, teaching, special educational needs (SEN), counselling, governance, trusteeship, youth work, consultancy and leadership. As well as undertaking individual case work, Hannah has delivered a wide range of training to schools, parents and foster carers. Topics covered include memory, maths, literacy, bereavement and loss, early years, gifted and talented, attachment, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and autism.

Hannah’s Educational Psychology practice is founded on the principle of understanding and she is passionate about enabling children to thrive in education. Through sharing her expertise, she aims to empower you in further developing your knowledge and skills, giving you more tools for engaging and supporting the children you teach.