Helping teachers help children

After working with many children, parents and schools to help those children who are struggling in mainstream education, Fegans have put together this course in order to aid teachers educate children that may be experiencing difficulties within the education system. 

  • Includes an introduction to Attachment Theory

  • Includes how children's brains are affected by early trauma

  • Will help teachers to understand the reason behind the presenting problems

  • Practical advice to help teachers and children within school

  • Help teachers understand different issues facing young children in education

  • Advice to avoid teacher burnout in a busy school

Successfully running an online course with Fegans

We recommend you hold a group training session for all teachers together. Play the videos, hold a Q&A to encourage staff to share good practice and print out some of the handouts to prompt staff to properly consider their responsibilities and note actions they can take to help children within school. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1

    • Why Children's Mental Health Matters
    • Video Transcript
    • Links to articles or websites of interest – Module 1
    • The Lancet: Article on Mental Health for Schools
  • 2

    Module 2

    • The Policy Background
    • Video Transcript
    • Links to articles or websites of interest - Module 2
    • Children's Mental Health Future in Mind
    • Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing in Schools
  • 3

    Module 3

    • The School's Approach
    • Video Transcript
    • Wellbeing in Your School
    • Video Transcript
    • Links to articles or websites of interest - Module 3
    • Children and young people’s mental health; policy, services, funding and education
    • NCB School Well Being Framework Leaders Tool
  • 4

    Module 4

    • Common Issues in Schools
    • Video Transcript
    • Links to articles or websites of interest - Module 4
    • Keeping Children Safe in Education
    • Counselling In Schools
  • 5

    Module 5

    • The Child's Developing Brain
    • Video Transcript
    • Books we would recommend
    • Helpful Links
    • Action For Children; PDF Resource about Brain Development
  • 6

    Module 6

    • Psychosocial Development
    • Video Transcript
    • Helpful Resources
    • Erikson handout
  • 7

    Module 7

    • Attachment
    • Video Transcript
    • Attachment Theory and Research
    • Creating Emotionally Resilient Children and Young People
    • Let's Learn Together
    • NICE Children's Attachment
  • 8

    Module 8

    • Disruptions To Attachment
    • Video transcript
    • Helpful Resources
  • 9

    Module 9

    • The Teacher's Response
    • Video Transcript
    • Helpful Resources
    • Helpful Resources
  • 10

    Module 10

    • Avoiding Teacher Burnout
    • Video Transcript
    • Helpful Resources
  • 11

    Whole School Approach

    • A Whole School Approach

Why choose this resource for your school?

Our video & resource package will ensure all your staff are aware of the issues within their school and find a proactive way of helping children within school.

  • Resources at your fingertips

    This course has loads of resources, research and reports to help teach children who struggle in the classroom.

  • Current issues

    The course is a timely response to all the awareness of child mental health and gives practical advice in how to help children in your care.

  • Expert advice

    The course is compiled by several experts in the field of child psychology and trauma.

Course price

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Fegans Charity

Fegans Charity

Fegans is a charity that has continually transformed mental health and championed childhood since 1870. They counsel children and provide parent support, intervention and training. Combining these disciplines gives Fegans the opportunity to work with families holistically…counselling the child, supporting the parent.