Role-based data protection and breach awareness videos

After working with MATs who have been audited by ICO, it became very clear that ICO is now looking for schools to deliver sector -specific role-based training to staff. Over the summer, we worked really hard to develop a brilliant series of role-based training videos and resources for schools.

The package contains 14 videos, 7 covering general data protection in school and 7 that focus on the types of data breaches that can occur in each role. Each video is school specific and role-based, and whilst most data protection advice is common across all roles, there are some areas which are exclusive for each role.

Our videos will ensure your staff are aware of their responsibilities and help them quickly identify breaches of personal data. The roles covered are:

  • In the Classroom

  • School Administrator

  • School Catering Staff

  • Member of SLT

  • Member of staff that visits our school

  • Member of the school premises team

  • As part of school governance

Running a successful role-based training session

We recommend you hold a group training session for members of each role type. Play the videos, hold a Q&A to encourage staff to share good practice and use the handouts to prompt staff to properly consider their responsibilities and note actions they are taking to help ensure you are able to comply with requirements of the data protection laws.

GDPR in Schools Package Contents

Here's what's included as standard in your GDPR in Schools video and resources package. Get started for free with helpful resources.

  • 2

    Your School Administrators / Technicians & GDPR

  • 3

    Your School Senior Leadership Team & GDPR

    • Data Protection - Senior Leadership Team
    • GDPR Breaches - Senior Leadership Team
    • Resources
  • 4

    Your School Governance & GDPR

    • Data Protection - School Governance
    • GDPR Breaches - School Governance
    • Resources
  • 5

    Your School Teaching Staff & GDPR

    • Data Protection - Teachers and Teaching Assistants
    • GDPR Breaches - Teachers and Teaching Assistants
    • Resources
  • 6

    Your School Premises Staff & GDPR

    • Data Protection - School Premises Staff
    • GDPR Breaches - School Premises Staff
    • Resources
  • 7

    Your School Catering Staff & GDPR

    • Data Protection - School Catering Team
    • GDPR Breaches - School Catering Team
    • Resources
  • 8

    School Visitors or Support Agencies & GDPR

    • Data Protection - School Visitors or Support Agencies
    • GDPR Breaches - School Visitors or Support Agencies
    • Resources
  • 9

    Further Resources & Next Steps

    • Handling Summer Breaches
    • Introduction to The GDPRiS Software
    • Quick Quiz

Why choose this resource for your school?

Our video & resource package will ensure all your staff are aware of their responsibilities and help them quickly identify potential breaches of personal data.

  • Easy to follow

    The course makes the daunting task of GDPR compliance very simple for your school and every member of your school team.

  • Role specific

    The relevant information on GDPR can be accessed dependant on wht your role is in school. It saves the school kitchen staff listening to a two hour training session! Pick and choose who sees what.

  • Unlimited access

    Our 3-year Annual Subscription ensures your school is protected long term and has access to the latest resources all year round.

How much does the package cost?

The videos are available on an annual subscription basis:

For MAT / LA site licences get in touch >> POA

To ORDER via Invoice / Purchase Order >> Get in Touch

GDPR in Schools

GDPR in Schools

Our team of education professionals with more than 40 years experience working in and with schools have delivered a truly innovative cloud-based solution. GDPRiS is an invaluable tool for schools, data protection officers, local authority support teams and multi-academy trusts whether supporting single or multiple schools. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how GDPRiS will help you meet and exceed the requirements under GDPR.