School days are long and incredibly hard

Nobody understands life in school like a class teacher. This course helps you navigate through the stresses every teacher faces.

The pressures you face in school are immense and your days are incredibly long. At long last, the need to support teachers in maintaining their mental health is high on the agenda.

This 10 session course provides clear, actionable advice for anyone struggling with the demands of school life and offers strategies for coping better.

Navigating Stress & Anxiety for Teachers and School Staff

10 easy to follow sessions created specifically to provide teachers with strategies to managing anxiety.

  • 1

    Session 1: Introduction

  • 2

    Session 2: Worry

  • 3

    Session 3: Hypothetical Worry

    • Hypothetical Worry
  • 4

    Session 4: Assessing Worry

    • Assessing Worry
  • 5

    Session 5: Gaining Control

    • Gaining Control
  • 6

    Session 6: Uncertainty

    • Uncertainty
  • 7

    Session 7: Unhelpful ways to deal with worry

    • Unhelpful ways to deal with worry
  • 8

    Session 8: Breaking bad habits

    • Breaking bad habits
  • 9

    Session 9: Loneliness and Community

    • Loneliness and Community
  • 10

    Let's Get Practical!

    • Practical Advice
    • Matters of the Heart

How much does this course cost?

Choose a one-off fee for yourself as a teacher or buy a whole school package to enrol all your staff.

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Your Instructor

Philip Collins


Philip Collins

Philip Collins has spent the last 30 years traveling and speak throughout the United Kingdom, Africa, and North America. He regularly speaks at conferences, seminars, and retreats. Beginning his career as a detached youth worker, Philip then moved on to apply his creativity and imagination to a range of educational projects both in the UK and Canada. Starting community projects, mentoring programs, theatre companies, he sits on the boards of several non-profits, including a charity in Tanzania, developing schools and orphanages. These educational productions continue to be used in 100s of schools, including the highly successful “Escape” production. Esacpe - an internet safety production was developed by Saltmine Trust when Philip was the CEO of the charity. Philip now works in the heart of British Columbia, Canada as a Senior minister of a multisite community church and leads a staff team of 50 employees. He also serves as the chaplain to the Kelowna Fire Department. He loves to travel, hike, run marathons and find adventure. Married to Michelle, they have four children.