School Website Compliance in 2020

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Stephen Boyd

Stephen has a wealth of experience; he spent 14 years as a Primary School Teacher before embarking on a career change here at Schudio ensuring websites are Ofsted compliant. His main aim is to ensure school websites are fully compliant with the latest requirements from the DfE to ensure your website reflects who you are as a school.

Senior Instructor

Ian Richardson

Ian brings the experience of successfully launching hundreds of school websites and a deep understanding of the education sector to deliver inspirational and passionate training to his students.

Over more than a decade, Ian has built one of the UK's leading school website business and everything Schudio does is built around core values that seek to help schools engage their community in the very best possible way.

Ian has worked in groups and 1-2-1 coaching to help develop online courses that have a long and proven track record of delivering exceptional results.