Supporting Autistic Learners in the Primary Classroom

This is a comprehensive overview of all the key things to consider in supporting autistic learners in a primary setting. Available as part of the Getting it Right Membership.
Supporting autistic learners (primary / secondary)

What you'll learn on this course

In this comprehensive course you will learn how to best support autistic learners in a primary setting.

  • 1

    Chapter One

    • Welcome to SchudioTV!

    • Introduction

    • Before we begin - TRUE OR FALSE ...

    • Getting it Right for me - Course Worksheet

    • What is Autism?

    • Autism in Girls

    • Communication

    • Sensory Systems

    • Social Interaction

    • Activity (Stars and mirror)

    • Thinking differences

  • 2

    Chapter Two

    • Working with Families

    • Environment

    • Communication in the classroom

    • Communication Activity

    • Visual Communication

    • Access to Learning

    • Workstation

    • Social Detectives

    • Summary

    • Next steps ... Resources & Downloads

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Your Instructor


Lynn McCann

Lynn McCann and her Team at Reachout ASC are a centre of excellence in supporting autistic children and young people in the education system. They are currently working closely with parents and schools to support their autistic pupils through the lockdown. Lynn is the author of three books for teachers, and delivers training and speaking engagements around the country. The team specialises in supporting educational accessibility, mental wellbeing and personal development with their autistic students.