The School Website Manager Course

School Website Managers are AMAZING! We love you! This course explores how important you are to your school community and gives you the core tools and skills you need to become the best school website manager you can be.

Available as part of the School Website Manager Membership or for individual purchase.
School Website Manager Course

Carefully crafted from years of experience to help you become a school website expert.

Having built hundreds of school websites and supported thousands of school staff, Ian Richardson is an expert in getting the very best from your school website. He's going to teach you everything he knows, including ...

  • Why School Website Managers are so important to the school community

  • Where your school website fits into the engagement space

  • How get more visitors to your website

  • How to Manage your School Website Effectively

  • Resources & Tools to help you Grow

What you'll learn on this course

  • 1

    Why your school website is so important

    • Welcome to SchudioTV!

    • Before we get started ...

    • Quick Survey: Why is your website important to your school?

    • Introduction

    • The Key Goals of ALL School Websites

  • 2

    Why it's so important to have a designated Website Manager and keep them skilled

    • The Value of The School Website Manager

    • TASK: Who is your website for?

  • 3

    The Schudio Method for School Website Management

    • Introduction to The Schudio Method for School Website Management


    • TASK: Continuing Development

    • The 5 Cs - COMPLIANCE

    • School Website Compliance in 2020 (live session replay)

    • Who Your Website is Really For

    • Prospective Parents & Students

    • TASK: Prospective & Students

    • Current Parents & Students

    • Task Current Parents & Students

    • Prospective Employees

    • TASK: Prospective Employees

    • And yes ... Inspectors ...

    • TASK: Inspectors

    • The 5 Cs - CURRICULUM

    • TASK: Curriculum



    • TASK: Celebrating Life in School

  • 4

    Driving Users to your School Website - The Engagement FlyWheel

    • Introduction to The Engagement FlyWheel

    • Read: Parental Engagement is not good enough

    • DOWNLOAD: The Ultimate Guide to Parental Engagement

    • The Engagement Flywheel - Attract

    • The Engagement Flywheel - Engage

    • The Engagement Flywheel - Delight

    • Your School Website - Central to The Engagement Flywheel - The Engagement Flywheel

    • Engagement FlyWheel - School Apps

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Email Newsletters & Marketing

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Social Media

    • QUIZ - Social Media for Schools

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Video

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Photography

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Brand

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Other Elements

    • Engagement FlyWheel - Bringing Everything Together to FIRE Engagement

    • TASK: Create Your School's Own Engagement FlyWheel

  • 5

    Time Management & Planning Guide

    • Introduction

    • Staying sane while Managing a School Website

    • Tips on Time Management for School Website Managers

  • 6

    Key Tools

    • Introduction to Your Key Website Manager Tools

    • School Website Software

    • Design Tools

    • School Website Compliance Software

    • Schudio's Engagement Services

  • 7

    Key Resources

    • Introduction to Your Key Website Manager Resources

    • Your Resources

  • 8

    How to choose the right website partner

    • The Three Things you Must Look for in a School Website Partner

    • The School Website Buyers Guide

  • 9

    Next steps ...

    • Wrapping up ... CONGRATULATIONS! 🎉

    • Going Deeper

This course is available for individual purchase or as part of the School Website Manager Membership, starting at just £20 per month for individual membership.

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How long will this course take to complete? This course takes around 3 hours to complete, plus additional work on your strategy and website content.

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Your Course Tutor

Senior Instructor

Ian Richardson

Ian brings the experience of successfully launching hundreds of school websites and a deep understanding of the education sector to deliver inspirational and passionate training to his students.

Over more than a decade, Ian has built one of the UK's leading school website business and everything Schudio does is built around core values that seek to help schools engage their community in the very best possible way.

Ian has worked in groups and 1-2-1 coaching to help develop online courses that have a long and proven track record of delivering exceptional results.