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SchudioTV provide access to a growing audience of teachers and school staff actively seeking ways to learn and develop their skills. Share your knowledge with school staff around the UK and beyond. If you have exceptional knowledge to share with a school audience, we would love to hear from you. Here's how Content Partners benefit.

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GDPR in Schools

GDPRiS has been designed specifically to meet the needs of schools when managing data protection and ensuring compliance with data protection regulations. Our team of education professionals with more than 40 years experience working in and with schools have delivered a truly innovative cloud-based solution. GDPRiS is an invaluable tool for schools, data protection officers, local authority support teams and multi-academy trusts whether supporting single or multiple schools. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out how GDPRiS will help you meet and exceed the requirements under GDPR.


We counsel children and provide parent support, intervention and training. Combining these disciplines gives Fegans the opportunity to work with families holistically…counselling the child, supporting the parent. Our preschool, Buttons, does this intentionally as a preventative measure but also to serve the most vulnerable… when they are most vulnerable. Our aim is to provide families most in need of parenting or therapeutic support with the care they require to become self-sufficient contributors to society and therefore break generational cycles of behaviour.

Independent Safeguarding Hub

The Independent Safeguarding Hub was born out of our passion for safeguarding children and their families, with an emphasis on evidence based and robust assessment. Our aim from the outset is to provide the highest quality service we can and ultimately to improve outcomes for children.


Schudio partner with hundreds of UK schools to provide beautiful, easy to manage school websites. They are experts in marketing and compliance, with over 2500 schools trusting them to provide the most up to date, actionable advice to help remain inspection ready.

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If you would like to explore joining our family of exceptional course creators, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.