We work with schools, colleges and edtech companies to launch and develop highly effective online learning.

Ian Richardson - Thinkific ExpertI launched SchudioTV to provide teachers, school leaders and staff easy, affordable access to a range of high-quality, inspirational online courses.

The journey started when our youngest son started school. Arran has Down's Syndrome and his school couldn't access the training they needed to support his education simply because they couldn't afford it. I'd love to quickly tell you the full story! 

Since its launch in 2019, SchudioTV has grown to include courses from a wide range of partners that have been completed by over 40,000 school staff.

As a Thinkific Expert, I and my team would love to share with you our experience and help your school, college or edtech company launch your own online school and training platform quickly and efficiently. 

I look forward to working with you.  

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me at experts@schudio.tv

Stay safe and well.

Ian Richardson

Somerset EBP
Yeovil College
Active Learning Trust Institute
Search Engine Journal
APS Intelligence
Millais School
Corpus Christi Catholic School Alumni
Mount Carmel RC High School
Lancashire Enterprise Partnership

Sue Fielding

Mount Carmel RC High School

Ian was so generous with his time and expertise and guided us through the process of setting up a specific student transition website. The feedback we received from our new intake of pupils and their families was all really positive. Although you can never replace the experience of an actual visit we were able to offer video clips of their Pastoral leaders and form tutors, detailed information, quizzes, answer lots of questions and even set some Summer 'homework' on the website!

Laura Fredericks

Founder & Growth Marketing Strategist

Ian's wealth of knowledge and practical advice were invaluable to me as I built and launched my course on Thinkific. He was able to help with everything from course structure and content to production, editing, and engaging with students. I really appreciated his help and expert guidance, and would highly recommend him to anyone who is serious about building a high quality course online.

Rohan Musa

Director & Strategic Business Advisor

Ian assisted me in setting up and structuring my first course on the Thinkific platform. I found him to be a great mentor who is generous with his knowledge and time which resulted in me completing my course with no problems


1: Site Setup

We will partner with your organisation and create your online learning environment. This can include integrations with your existing web tech, video conferencing, forums, email marketing, social media and MIS integrations. Typical applications include staff development, international recruitment of paying students, additional support for existing students e.g. school and university, and talent pipelines.

We will cover all the bases and ensure you are set up for success.

2: Course Setup

We will work with you to ensure your online content is created in a way that will use your online features to their maximum potential and engage your community.

Having built courses that have been successfully completed by tens of thousands of students, and because we know Thinkific inside out, we will ensure your online school engages.

3: MIS / SIS Integration

We will integrate your online school into your MIS / SIS so that you can enroll existing clients and students, teachers/trainers and other staff directly on to any course.

4: Other support

- Best practice consulting and coaching - learn from our team of experts about the very best ways of using your online school. We have worked with government departments on the national distribution and integration of learning assets.

- Education strategy coaching and development - direct 1-2-1 access to the team, who will work with you to create a strategy to ensure maximum impact of your new online school. Team specialisms include:


Video production and editing (including how clients can set up their own studios)

Software development and coaching

Digital marketing and social media

Local Enterprise Partnerships and the challenges facing compulsory education e.g. teacher training, SKE, Opportunity Areas

Teaching in schools, post-16 and higher education

Systems integration and complex project management

If you think building an online school is for you and you want to know how we can best support you, email us at experts@schudio.tv.